Itai Turbahn

Hi there! My name is Itai and I'm a designer and developer.
I'm currently a student at Harvard Business School, and was previously an associate at The Boston Consulting Group and a product manager at IBM Research. I completed my bachelors' degrees at MIT.


Guidely .co

A collection of online guidebooks.

Guidely is a collection of online guidebooks. On Guidely you can read expert guides, some for free and some for a small fee.

FiveSci (under development)

A travel discovery engine.

FiveSci is a simple way to discover great places in your city or while you travel. It is a recommendation engine that combines social and similarity algorithms, and reduces the time needed to plan a trip.


The Boston Consulting Group

Associate. Tel Aviv Office.

Part of a team that provides strategy and business consulting to companies both in Israel and abroad.

IBM Research Lab

Product manager. Haifa Office.

Part of a team that advanced crowdsourcing research in social networks.


Harvard Business School

Candidate for Master in Business Administration.

Candidate for the Master of Business Administration program, expected to graduate in 2015. Accepted via the 2+2 program.

Massachusettts Institute of Technology

Bachelors degrees.

Graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2011 with a B.Sc in Economics and a B.Sc in Electrical Egineering & Computer Science.

Patents and Publications

Guess Who? Enriching the Social Graph through a Crowdsourcing Game

The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Itai Turbahn, Ido Guy, Adam Perer, Tal Daniel, Ohad Greenshpan.

Despite the tremendous popularity of social network sites both on the web and within enterprises, the relationship information they contain may be often incomplete or outdated. We suggest a novel crowdsourcing approach that uses a game to help enrich and expand the social network topology...

The MIT Undergraduate Journal of Economics

The Perceived Threat of War in Israel and its Effects on Investors

The MIT Undergraduate Journal of Economics. Itai Turbahn. Awarded Best Paper.

In the volatility of today’s markets, it is important to understand what drives investors to make decisions, and by extension, what makes a market fluctuate. In this paper, I hypothesize that in Israel, a country facing a myriad of conflicts and threats, investors make investment decisions based, in part, on how they perceive the threat of war in the country...

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Crowd-based Gap Filling in Social Networks and People Tagging

Patent Granted. Itai Turbahn, Ohad Greenshpan, Michal Jacovi, Ido Guy.

A method, system, and computer program product for gap filling in a social network are provided. The method includes providing details of one or more current online users in a game in which users are scored for their input...

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Scoring of Crowd-Computing Inputs

Patent Pending. Itai Turbahn, David Carmel, Dafna Sheinwald, Ido Guy.

Method, system, and computer program product are provided for scoring of crowd-computing inputs. A group of data is provided to crowd-computing participants and the participants are requested to provide candidate members or the group of data...